AHC Oil Tank
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AHC Oil Tank

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This tank is hand spun from 14 gauge steel the same way they’ve been spinning chopper oil tanks since medieval times, even the Egyptians were rumored to use the same technology when building their own rides. All the spinning, welding, grinding, sanding & machining is done manually and this tank is my own design. It’s a snug 3qt tank that is made in small batches every few years and pretty sweet to admire on a finished bike.


I have made a few decisions to keep these tanks unique yet affordable. The press-in cap is machined manually and available in brass & aluminum – these go well with any of my taillights. The mounts are a custom version from Fabricator Kevin and pretty straight forward to mount. You’ll weld mounting tabs (not supplied) under your seat, trim the supplied mounts to match, drill & bolt them together.