After Hours Honky Tonk

This page leads to the original After Hours Choppers website, a reminder of the good days before e-everything. This is where it all started. The site was built almost 10 years ago with zero computer experience after 12-16 hour days in the shop, a lot of beer and low levels of tolerance for Discovery Channel.  It's actually been toned down quite a bit over the years as my humor can go un-detected and my anger misplaced.  It's the place where I can vent, express myself freely, have some fun and share some good tunes. There's no punk rock or PBR, so you'll have to pardon me for not being period correct.   

So, grab a beer, turn your speakers up, kick back and enjoy some bouncing boobies and entertainment at the After Hours Honky Tonk. If you're sensitive about your biker status you might want to pass this one right on by.

Smoke it if you got it....not me, I don't do that sort of thing...


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After Hours Honky Tonk