Princess Nipple

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 These 'chess piece' like taillights were a result from wanting to see something just a bit fancier than my normal line of taillights.They use a wider base than usual to give it a unique look and are really quite elegant....(Sulu voice) oh, my!  With an evening of trial and error on the lathe this was the result and I think they're quit fashionable, still bright as fuck!

 These are the same basic dimensions of all the Mosquito Bite Nipple series taillights, with a larger OD mounting surface. Yes - they are a 3 wire system and a pair can be used with my wiring adapter to run (2) taillights for running/brake/turn signals. 100% handmade by me on a lonely night in a small town on the edge of the world.


This is a PRE-ORDER, I'll be making what's ordered and will be getting them out the door in March. I intend for this run to be some of my last custom work for 2016.