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AHC Smokehawk

This is a custom casting that I have produced from 6150 high carbon steel. Theses hawks can handle the abuse of chopping branches for a fire to crushing your enemies just to hear the lamentation of the women. They are made to use, so don't be scared to take them with you on road trips and outings. When the work is done and you're settled by the campfire they are the tool of choice for lighting up a bowl for the coolest draw possible, the 18" or 22" maple handles flows nicely.


 These will be very limited runs and it's first come first choice for what I have available. You can always pre-order as I will constantly have the castings done (as possible). Each piece will be a bit different as they are all hand ground and finished. I do the annealing, shaping, hardening and tempering in my shop as well as the fitting, sanding and oiling of the handle. The casting itself is the only thing I outsource so it takes time to complete each one.


A) Beautiful, traditional grind that has a good heft for chopping and a great all around off-the-grid companion. This is my most popular and authentic hawk.


B) My favorite and a departure from the traditional design. The straight blade lends to nasty points that exel in piecing a skull or a rabid block of wood at your campsite. This is the light and that ex-girlfriend you can't talk about around the house.



The handles are 18" and 22" Maple that are shaped as they were 100 years ago. Don't be afraid to wrap them in leather or paracord for better grip retention and protect against misuse.


Expect 2-3 weeks lead time as they are all finished as ordered...assuming I have the parts in stock.


As always, 100% made in America.