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Stainless Ratchet Top Shifter with Wizard Knob

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These polished stainless shifters are perfect for your open belt choppa', with curves to match the finest ass in any shady dive. They sit about 8" tall and vary how much they stick out due to each being bent one at a time. 

I am offering (12) shifters with a brass Wizard knob, custom bent and repolished or tumbled for 2 days for a nice grey finish on the stainless and a rustic finish on the knob. The Wizard knob looks great with anything but is a great match with one of my Nipple series taillights.

There will be more options for shape as I mess with the new 15 degree shifter. Pre-order now and we'll get the bends figured out soon!

If you want a BARE shifter that points straight up (depending on your trans) or 15 degrees back I have them available for $199 shipped: Custom knobs can be made - email me -


 I don't know what else to tell you, they're fucking amazing!