Dual Taillight Wiring Adapter

Dual Light Wiring Adapter

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Yup, it's the shit you've been waiting for. Now you can run 2 original Titmouse, Tiny Tit or Shot Glass taillights (not included) without the need for a third brake light.



 Many states are starting to get bitchy about the lack of turn signals on bikes and if you ride on base it's an instant ticket. I know some of you overseas builders get fucked with constantly. This can ease your misery.

  This kit legal-perfect includes the flasher and the splitters you need to get 3 functions from a dual element cluster. You gotta get the turn switch fingered but any dual pole toggle should work. Mount it on your bars, under the tank, whatever you can come up with. Clean up that bike and still be legal!

 This comes with the wiring and flashers to make this happen.

 Taillights are not included.